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Below Zero

Aventures Out in the Cold

Verlag Die Gestalten Verlag
ISBN 9783899556780

30 x 24 cm. 256 Seiten. Hardcover.
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Über den Artikel

From dog sledding to ice fishing to waterfall climbing to bandy, countless possibilities await beyond the crowded ski slope and traditional winter activities. Create the winter wonderland that you desire and crave. Colder temperatures invite a variety of unique ways to interact with nature. Dog sleighs and snowshoes facilitate movement across snowy plains for everyday icy life whilst ice motocross and figure skating provide a burst of adrenaline. Whether you are looking for a vacation spot where the sun shimmers off of a glittering frozen cliff or for an athletic alternative to the conventional ski slopes, Below Zero celebrates the search for cabins instead of offices and parkas instead of suit jackets. Through images of landscapes dusted in a powdery palette and depictions of cold weather athletics, any questions of what to do with a snow day are answered in Below Zero. This volume explores the brisk side of nature's beauty and the adventures that await when the mercury drops.

über die Autoren

Juan Velasco worked as Art Director at National Geographic for many years, has won multiple awards from the Society of News Design and Malofiej, and has served as the Graphics Art Director at the New York Times. He is the founder and creative director of 5W Infographics, a company based in Madrid, New York, and Washington, D.C. A detailed...

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