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The Well and the Shallows

Verlag Aziloth Books
ISBN 978-1-908388-82-7

Erscheinungsdatum: 11.06.2012 . 229,0 mm x 152,0 mm x 8,0 mm . Softcover .


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Über den Artikel
Written in 1935 at the time of the Great Depression, and after his conversion to Catholicism, this is one of G K Chesterton's last works, a collection of essays whose themes would shape the 20th century and which resonate eerily with those of our own era. Chesterton covers a variety of cultural, social, and moral issues including communism and capitalism, the sterility of party politics, the illusory 'left-right' divide (which serves only to maintain plutocratic opulence), the banking conspiracy, destruction of traditional society and the perfidy of Humankind.
All this in a series of 'light' essays, replete with Chesterton's trademark wit and irony. This is an extremely timely book - a lucid overview of social, religious, economic, philosophical, and political problems from a period that uncannily mirrors our own time.
über die Autoren
Gilbert Keith Chesterton

Gilbert Keith Chesterton, 1874–1936 in London, veröffentlichte etliche Romane, Bühnenstücke, zahlreiche Gedichte und mehr als 4000 Essays; Letztere im G.K.'s Weekly, dessen Herausgeber er von 1925–1936 war. Neben den rund 200 Kurzgeschichten verhalfen ihm die Kriminalromane um die Figur Pater Brown zu großer Popularität, sowie die...

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